Francesco and Giacomo will welcome you to the Osteria La Crocina, whose reopening, after a long break, aroused a big interest among Montalcino and its surroundings.  Francesco Pascale has worked inside a kitchen since he was 16 and managed his own restaurant in Montalcino before. Giacomo Foresta, instead, is the young head waiter of the Osteria La Crocina. This work happens in collaboration with the Cantini’s brothers which, since some years ago, are managing the family cellar and the biodynamical vegetable garden of the winery Piombaia, where are cultivated the products that are delivered to the kitchen of Osteria La Crocina. Here,in fact, the organic philosophy is a must be for rediscovering the pleasure of eating healthy food, through elaborated (but non too much) recipes.The menu that the Osteria La Crocina suggests, follows the seasonality of products, which are selected directly on the field to offer you organic quality and goodness of the nature. And to learn more about them, Francesco was coached on the fields for 2 years, literally: learning about the life cycle of fruits and vegetables allowed him to know well the quality of the selected products.To complete the picture…there are home made bread, meats and cheeses ‘from farm to fork’ farms and a wide wine list: other than the ones of Piombaia, there are labels produced only by strictly organic wineries.