These are the Amarones DOCG 2013 that have most impressed in the blind tasting carried out by “The Italian Wine Journal” at “Anteprima Amarone” in Verona: 83 Amarone tasted ( 49 samples  taken from the barrel) from  78 Cellars that participated in the kermesse. A first general note recorded a very homogeneous quality: continues the work toward a background elegance that hides the strength and vigor typical of this “super-venetian” wine. Even more so – given the considerable number of barrels tests – that  all of these wines must enjoy the benefit of the doubt: they are still very young, they have a huge potential to be developed by further aging in barrel and in bottle. When they will go on the market they will may take different traits, certainly more marked and customized. But the starting point for the year 2013 exists and is very interesting: it’s a vintage that will ensure longevity to the wines and so should be seen in perspective.
And here is the “awesome dozen”.

Albino Armani, Cuslanus
Barrel sample. The vineyards are located  in the area of ​​Marano, on  ancient terraces between 350 and 550 meters above sea level. The grape drying is made on the Prealpi high hills. This Amarone will be on the market by the spring of next year. Marked notes of red fruit, plum with an interesting herbaceous with notes of black tea and rhubarb.

Barrel sample. The vineyards are at the western edge of Valpolicella, 140 hectares in Caprino, with vines up to 850 meters above sea level in the village of Spiazzi. There was a deep work, in depth, in this winery to excellence. And this is the result: this Amarone will be available from next autumn, with a rich and long palate, with notes of cherry, sweet spices, chamomile and wild flowers. Very pleasant. It arouses great expectations for how to evolve in the coming months.

Novaia, Corte Vaona
Barrel sample. From Marano di Valpolicella. This Amarone will be  available from May next year. A vineyard cultivated with organic practices: the wine is already very balanced, intense well marked aromas with an acidity that gives a glimpse of a good longevity.

Pasqua, “Famiglia Pasqua”
Barrel sample. “Famiglia Pasqua” is one of the top lines of this historic cellar; this Amarone will be available from next year. A full-bodied wine, rich and complex. Excellent perfumes by the glass.

Farina, Classico
The production area is San Pietro in Cariano. This Amarone will be on the market as early as next April. The aromas are well marked, rich and complex. Palate full, consistent with the nose, full of fruit and very enjoyable.

Monte del  Frà, Classico
Available from autumn 2017. 18 hectars on the hills of Fumane, in the classic area of the appellation. One of the most impressive Amarone of this tasting, a high quality class in every vintage. The Bonomo family puts great attention at every stage of processing and the result is a very elegant wine, ready, consistent between smell and taste.

Cà Rugate, Punta Tolotti
Amarone already commercially available. The vineyards are in the volcanic area of Monteforte d’Alpone. Complex aromas of “Durona” (an indigeneous variety)  cherry, blackberry and plum, tobacco and cocoa. Amarone already interesting, with beautiful acidity that promises longevity.

Domini Veneti, Classico
Wine available now. The brand is run by Cantina Valpolicella in Negrar which has the historical merit of having given “life” to the rediscovery of Amarone. 230 members of the cooperative winery that for several years is working in the enhancement of different crus and in the discover of ancient and lost grapes of Valpolicella. A classic Amarone, traits since school, from the immediate perfumes and powerful; a very consistent and full palate.

Flatio, Classico
Barrel sample. The vineyards are located in the area of ​​San Pietro in Cariano; a family of farmers from several  generations with 18 hectares of land. This Amarone will be on sale from 2019.   Nevertheless, it is very interesting and promises a great result at the end of refinement.

Roccolo Grassi
We move in Mezzane di Sotto, the eastern part of the Appellation Valpolicella, with an average of more extreme temperatures than the “classic-zone”  Valpolicella who benefits from the Lake Garda warm climate. Marco Sartori revolutionized the family business and has established himself as a emerging producer  and a certainty for the future of the denomination. This Amarone – black fruits,plum and musk – will be on sale from February 2018

San Cassiano
Barrel sample. From Mezzane di Sotto. 14 hectares of vines. This Amarone will already be available at the end of this year. Good base; a wine with sharp aromas, with notes of red fruits and berries. Hints of plowed land. On the palate fruity notes and very attractive floral nuances.

Santi, Classico
Barrel sample. This winery was founded in 1843 in Illasi, in the he eastern part of the Appellation, and today is part of the GIV group of wineries, the greatest Italian player in wine. This Amarone that knows only the large barrels will be available as early as December. It promises good acidity that ensures longevity and freshness. Well balanced with a soft closing, but very enjoyable.

Tenuta Chiccheri,
Vigneto di Campo delle Strie
Barrel sample. Amarone only available in 2019 and is one of the best tasted by The Italian Wine Journal. Tenuta Chiccheri manages,in the area of Tregnago, just about ten hectares, put into production in 2003. A cellar that brings together the top of Italian reds with a qualified production of classic method sparkling wines highly rated. Even this Amarone is not available than in 2019. A sign of respect for the wine consumers.

Vigna 800, Classico
Vineyards in Negrar. Amarone available from 2018. The winery was started in 2001 and have just 4 hectares in production. Classic perfumes, Durona cherry, raspberry and blackberry, violet notes. Palate rich and elegant, very consistent with the smell and the final notes, very long and persistent, sweet spices with black tea and coffee.