Organic seduces many branches and also Organic wine grows in volumes and farmed hectares, so much that Italy is officially the third world producer with 83.643 hectares cultivated on a total of 637.634: this means that we are currently farming organically 11.300 hectares more than 2014 (font: “Bio in cifre 2016”).
A trend that shows a conscious choice of the companies in front of delicate subjects like sustainability and that demonstrates the growing trend of consumers that today consider the “Organic”, a “quality wine”.
«Umani Ronchi committed to this choice years ago – explaine Michele Bernetti, CEO of Umani Ronchi – . We actually started to convert vineyards in Abruzzo in 2001 when we got the first certification and then we continued with Verdicchio that obtained the certification in 2015, while now we are converting all the rest of Verdicchio vineyards and part of the Conero ones. Today we can say that all Umani Ronchi vineyards are farmed organically, respecting land and biodiversity. An important effort that pushed us to modify also parts of the winery, with interesting results. Our wine range offers two Organic labels: Montipagano, an Organic Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc and Verdicchio Casal di Serra, that will be presented for the first time with its second organic harvest (2016) to the upcoming Vinitaly».
Principal markets and export volumes
«The 16% of our production (about 500.000 bottles), is certified with organic label and is sold mostly in north European countries where there is a special care for Organic products: Sweden Denmark and Norway are our best markets for this kind of product»
And in Italy? How is this trend going (also compared to the other countries)?
«The Organic choice in Italy is increasing and are also growing aware consumers, very careful to production processes and labels. Also for this reason, last year, we wanted to present our ORGANIC Casal di Serra 2015 the to the Italian market first (earlier than to the other countries). It has also to be said that, compared to some years ago, Italy is getting more informed and conscious about Organic reality».
How is the trade market reacting to this new product offer? Do you think they consider it just a trend or a conscious choice of the companies?
«Trade is still very divided about this subject, even if also in this case there is a growing caring about consumers requests. Our Organic and Vegan friendly products are much appreciated among these specific realities , but the congeniality of normal consumers regarding this kind of products is tremendously growing».
In the next future do you foresee new Organic productions?
«Yes I do. There is an important project in Abruzzo that will be shown for the very first time during next Vinitaly: an Organic Pecorino in barrels. And after the summer Vecchie Vigne 2015 will be Organic as well…»