Higher and higher the quality of the Italian classic method sparkling wines: staring the new level  were cousins Lunelli – Marcello, Matteo, Camilla and Alessandro – who represent today  the third generation holding the fate of the brand Cantine Ferrari.
The new benchmark for all the SW is the new Trentodoc Reserve Perlè Bianco 2006, the newest member of the successful Perlé line, what is the middle of the maison’s quality pyramid,  made only with the grapes grown in the family vineyards. A line that has now reached its fourth label: from the initial Perlé (an example in liking and in Ferrari sales) were generated in time, in fact, the Rosé Riserva, the Perlé Nero Riserva (only Pinot Noir grapes) and today the Perlé Bianco Riserva,  a strict selection of Chardonnay grapes from the family vineyards.
104 were the months on the lees by virtue of a vintage started lately with a cold winter followed by a mild spring; in summer has seen an excellent water balance in the face of beautiful sunny weather and dry even in the vineyards high hill, 400-700 meters above sea level facing south-east and south-west.
30 thousand bottles put in piles and then placed on the market late last year.
The result is a very rewarding Classic method, able to satisfy very picky eaters but characterized by a drink so “smart” to win over even those less experienced: perfect is the balance between the beautiful fragrance notes and the sensations that can be found in palate; fresh and lively in the mouth with an overall result of the long maturation with a perlage absolutely perfect.
The nose is powerful, immediate, gushing from the rich fruity notes, with balsamic sensations in blend with those of baked apple and spekulatius. In the mouth, candied citrus fruit, especially apricot and cedar, with a long finish of spice and hazelnut. A fascinating Classic method, able to give the pay to many Premier Cru, Grand Cru and all the repertoire that bring into play the big French maisons. A new benchmark of Italian sparkling wine, pure Trentino tradition that now appears at the top of the Italian  production.