Since 2007 “The Italian Wine Journal” together with the Grand Jury Européen (the highest authority in Europe for professional tastings) and AssoEnologi organizes the World Championship reserved for Champagne and Sparkling Wines elaborated with the classic method. It is the only “talent” in the world who wants to discover the new and best interpreters (wherever they are) of “refermentation in the bottle”, the method codified in the mid-seventeenth century by Dom Perignon.
Now in its 15th edition, the Challenge is always chaired by important personalities in the sparkling wine industry – from Francois Mauss to Severino Barzan, Tom Stevenson, Alessandro Scorsone, Paolo Baracchino, Roberto Cipresso, Giampietro Comolli and Riccardo Cotarella – while the Jury is formed by international experts (oenologists, sommeliers and journalists). The Challenge highlighted – first in the world – the “new” sparkling wine: United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, United States, India, China and, in our country, that of Southern Italy.
The Italian Wine Journal (launched in 2003) is part of the “L’Adige di Verona” historic newspaper from Verona (it was founded on October 15, 1866) which also includes, a newspaper specialized in agri-food. The Group develops as an online information platform with over 1.5 million visits a year and two monthly free-presses with a certified distribution of one million copies a year.
Champagne and Sparkling Wines are admitted to the Euposia International Challenge in the following categories: Brut, Extrabrut, Pas Dosé. The samples will be tasted blindly; the jurors will not know which geographical area the wines come from. However, the wines will be tasted by single area of ​​origin (Italian classic method; French classic method; Spanish classic method; International classic method; Bio; Classic Rosé method etc.): there will therefore be no Champagne tasted together with Cava or Franciacorta for example; the votes are expressed in 100/100 and the votes entered anonymously in the database. After the closing of the tastings, the votes are entered and the rankings are ratified by the President of the Jury.
Hall of fame World Champion

-> 2008 Champagne Bollinger, France
-> 2009 Nyetimber, UK
-> 2010 Villa Rinaldi, ITA
-> 2011 Champagne Ayala, France
-> 2012 Ancre Hill Vineyards, UK
-> 2013 Durin, ITA
-> 2013 Fongaro, ITA (Native grapes)
-> 2014 Weinguter Wegeler, Germany
-> 2014 Gramona, Spain (Native grapes)
-> 2015 Champagne De Saint Gall,  France
-> 2015 Sacramundi, ITA (Native grapes)
-> 2016 Cantina di Aldeno, ITA
-> 2016 Tenuta Roletto, ITA (Native grapes)
-> 2017 Vauversin, Champagne-France
-> 2017 Gramona, Cava-Spain (Bio)
-> 2017 Az.Agr. Cirotto, ITA (Native grapes)
-> 2018 Champagne Gardet, France
-> 2018 Spier 1692, RSA, (Bio)
-> 2018 Sacramundi, ITA , (Native grapes)
-> 2019 Champagne Paul Chollet
-> 2019 Eric Rominger, FRA (Bio)
-> 2019 Alex Belingheri, ITA (Native grapes)
-> 2020 non disputato causa pandemia
-> 2021Tenuta Villa Crespia, ITA
-> 2021Franciacorta 1701, ITA (Bio)
-> 2021  Eredi Legonziano, ITA (Native Grapes)
World Champion Rosè
-> 2009 Bruendlmayer, Austria
-> 2010 Camel Valley, UK
-> 2011 Schlumberger Wein und Sektkellerei, Austria
-> 2012 Champagne Bollinger, France
-> 2013 Cesarini Sforza, Italy
-> 2014 Bellenda 1986, Italy
-> 2015 Zamuner, Italy
-> 2016 Camel Valley, UK
-> 2016 Cavicchioli Fratelli & Figli, Italy (Native grapes)
-> 2017 Kettmeir, Italy
-> 2017 Charlot Tanneux, Champagne-France (Bio)
-> 2017 Cave Mont Blanc de Morgex et La Salle, Italy (Native grapes)
-> 2018  Hattingley Valley, Uk
-> 2018 Santa Venere, Ita (Native grapes)
-> 2018 San Salvatore, Ita 1988 (Bio)
-> 2019 Camel Valley, UK
-> 2019 Dragone, Matera, ITA (Native grapes)
-> 2019 Cantina Sociale Trento, Ita (Bio)
-> 2020 Non disputato causa pandemia
-> 2021 ex aequo Gancia 1850, ITA, e Francesco Bellei, ITA
-> 2021 Patrick Boudon, FRA (Bio)
-> 2021 Cantina Dragone, Ita (Native grapes)
In the photo from left standing Severino Barzan, Alessandro Piubello, Bob Lindo, Charles Philipponat, Renato Rovetta, Alberto Ugolini, Goran Amnegard, Cinzia Coderin, Riccardo Cotarella, Maurizio Cattaneo, Carlo Rossi, Joaquin del Palacio Huerta, Giampiero Nadali, Elisabetta Tosi, Luciano Rappo.
From left kneeling Bernardo Pasquali, Beppe Giuliano, Roberto Cipresso, Jin Quiaoli, Branko Cucic, Fabio Mecca, Marcello Lunelli.